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also, CABLE CUFF, PLASTICUFF, ZIP TIE: A style of cuff consisting of a skinny plastic strip using a row of teeth in its floor, and a little ratchet on a person stop.

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SPIDER GAG: A particular sort of ring gag showcasing a central ring to which small rods or metal extensions are fitted, so as to hold the mouth open and hold the lips open up also.

Some passive men love the sensation of becoming "owned", whilst dominant persons benefit from the feeling of "possessing" their associates. Necessitating such a person put on testicle cuffs symbolizes that his sexual organs belong to his spouse, who may very well be possibly male or feminine.

ACOMOCLITIC: 1. Sexual arousal by hairless genitals. two. A hair-removing process involving usage of wax to remove the hair from the whole genital region, ncluding involving the butt cheeks and around the anus.

FROG TIE: A selected method of bondage where the person kneels as well as ankles are certain to the thighs, stopping the person from soaring; the wrists are then bound to the ankles.

Physique WORSHIP: Any practice or activity which entails venerating someone's human body, frequently as an act of submission by a submissive partner.

CORSET PIERCING: A form of human body modification by which several rows of rings are put through a particular person's pores and skin, then laced along with a silk twine or very similar tie.

ASYMMETRIC BONDAGE: Any bondage system wherein an individual is bound within an asymmetric pose; by way of example, with one particular leg prolonged and just one leg bent. A lot of forms of shibari include asymmetric bondage.

POSTURE COLLAR: A specific variety of high, rigid collar, typically shaped into the wearer's neck, which stops the wearer from going his or her neck and forces the wearer to carry her or his head substantial. See relevant

Cocks_Always_Locked_with_Annie_Aurora. Fetish_Liza_Boot_fucking_slave. Panty_Sniffer. Governess_Ely_Humiliated_In_The_Office.

FUCKING Device: Any product or equipment which is created to simulate the act of intercourse; frequently consisting of a dildo affixed to the reciprocating motor to be able to thrust in and out of an individual.

TAKEDOWN PLAY: A particular type of resistance Engage in through which the dominant man or woman tries to deal with and pin down the submissive husband or wife though the submissive husband or wife resists. Often, but not always, the situations of Perform are this sort of the session ends once the dominant spouse her explanation pins down the resisting spouse, and/or after the resisting lover is physically pinned, the dominant partner could have intercourse Along with the resisting lover devoid of even further resistance.

FLAGGING: The act of putting on a selected clothes, insignia, jewellery, or other indication as a means of expressing fascination in a selected form of BDSM routines. See related hanky code.

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